DRBA Member Map - deadline to renew and/or Update your info is Nov. 21st

October 20, 2013 9:41 PM | Anonymous
We will be printing the 2014 DRBA Member Map very soon. Our printed map and directory of local businesses and organizations has always been a very popular and useful resource for existing and new residents and visitors to our area. We're making it even more useful with an interactive PDF version will be housed on visitdelray.com as well as adding full-color advertising options for members on the print version.

The next edition to be used through all of 2014. Member info will be pulled directly from the database as of Nov. 21st. 

Final Deadline!

Make sure your membership is current and that your contact info is correct by Nov. 21st! 

Only members who are current on their dues will be listed! Don't be left out. (Also, due to the close deadline, if your membership has lapsed, we HIGHLY suggest that you pay by credit card. Payments by check might not arrive in time and we cannot guarantee processing in time for the map.)

Check your status and information on this website under "Directory." 

What and how you will be listed:
If your business or organization is located within the boundaries of the map, it will be numerically listed on the front as well. (Some home-based businesses may choose to not have their locations listed in either the directory or map portion, but rather simply contact information.

All standard directory listings will be limited to 4 lines of content (usually, Business name (bold), address (note no city/state/zip), email or phone, and web site. All email and web links will be "hot" on the downloadable version of the map which will be on the visitdelray.com web site. This way, users can contact you directly (if the email is provided) or immediately navigate to your site. You can update your listing by logging into via the email address of the primary contact at visitdelray.com

Please email DRBAmembership@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Thank you!

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