NextStep: Pilates Training for Wounded Warriors

August 29, 2014 1:04 PM | Anonymous

Beginning in Spring of 2014, Studio Body Logic (SBL) began giving private Pilates instruction to military veterans who were compromised in some capacity by their military service. Over the course of five months, SBL instructors saw four individuals with the US Army on a one to one basis, with the goal of alleviating in some way the physical problems they incurred as a result of their service. 

Along with funds from the Alexandria Rotary Club, SBL raised additional funds to provide 10 private lessons to each of the four military members.

Studio Body Logic will continue to support and work to heal our local wounded military by raising funds for the NextStep program so that our veterans can receive Pilates training at no cost. 

"Through this program I realized that a continued Pilates program would help me to continue in my healing and return to becoming more whole". -- NextStep Participant

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