Bow Wow Boughs wins Best Decorated Tree

January 05, 2015 7:44 PM | Deleted user

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Pictured is Keshaun Clark (United Bank) and Jeff Wallingford (Taqueria Poblano) with their Holiday Tree Bow Wow Boughs, the winner of the DRBA Best Decorated Tree Contest.

Keshaun's staff at United Bank worked to obtain photos of neighborhood dogs and created handmade ornaments of them. In additional to the photo ornaments, Taqueria Poblano painted Christmas bulbs with fire hydrants and doghouses.

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There were a total of 12 trees decorated by Del Ray businesses and local nonprofits. The Bow Wow Boughs tree garnered 56% of the votes, proving that Del Ray is definitely a dog-friendly zone. The winners are donating the $500 prize to the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

The tree decorating contest is an annual event sponsored by DRBA.

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