Three local business moms mentioned in Shops That Rock on Red Tricycle

February 01, 2015 4:47 PM | Deleted user

Red Tricycle, a website whose mission is to help busy parents find the best things to do with their kids in their city, recently published an article on 10 Local Mompreneurs You’ll Want to be Friends With. The blurb mentions three of our local DRBA members, Dawn Luepke from Bellies and Babies, Amy Barnes Morgan and Kathryn Zajac from Swēt-Ride, and Michelle Mitchell from YoKid! Click the links above to read the stories on Dawn, Amy & Kathryn, and Michelle.

Bellies and Babies is a consignment boutique where parents can find the perfect blend of quality clothes, upscale baby toys and trendy maternity clothing…without breaking the bank.

Dawn Luepke - Bellies and Babies

Swēt-Ride is the perfect spin studio where they believe sweat is sweet and a sweet life starts with a workout that challenges you and builds confidence and a better life on and off the bike.

Amy Barnes Morgan and Kathryn Zajac – Swēt-Ride

YoKids aims to teach yoga to youngsters in hopes that it will benefit their lives both physically and emotionally to help them deal with stress, stay active, and work through tough situations.

Michelle Mitchell – YoKids

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