Harry Braswell, Inc. Offers New Concierge Home Services

February 18, 2015 6:20 PM | Deleted user

Maintenance Plans, Off-Site Storage, Snow Removal and Consultations Available

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Harry Braswell, Inc. is now offering Concierge Home Services for homeowners in Northern Virginia. The members-only suite of services includes home maintenance plans, snow removal, off-site storage and a-la-carte consultation. For an initial $100 fee, new members receive a whole-house photographic inventory of their home’s structure and systems, including HVAC, plumbing, electrical and roof systems and a service plan priced and tailored to their home’s needs.

“We’ve been in the home renovation business for more than 30 years,” said President Harry Braswell. “We’ve had many clients ask us to help solve challenging home maintenance problems, provide green expertise, or lend a hand to shovel snow. We’re excited to now offer our home expertise and care to our service members at highly competitive rates. We can relieve more homeowners of the headaches of homeownership.”

Snow removal service includes email communication in advance of pending storms, pre-snow treatment with environmentally safe salt brine, and shoveling of walkways and driveways within six hours of the end of the storm. Home maintenance plans include quarterly performance of a specified set of routine maintenance tasks, like changing air filters, cleaning out area drains, testing smoke detectors, and winterizing outdoor hose bibs. Concierge secure storage provides containers and pick up and drop off to and from a secure, climate-controlled, off-site location.

Members also have priority access to Harry Braswell, Inc.’s “A La Carte Consulting” services. The firm will take care of what’s broken, flooded or worrying a homeowner even when the homeowner is out of town, including arranging for repairs or service and overseeing the work.

Each service has its own separate price structure. Preventative home maintenance starts at $125 per quarter, snow removal can cost as little as $40 for a townhouse, and handyman services are billed at $75 per hour.

For more information, contact Harry Braswell, Inc. at concierge@harrybraswell.com.


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